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Complexity Approach Bundle

Complexity Approach Bundle

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Grab all three complexity approach decks at once! Each deck has approximately 40 cards to target 2 or 3-element clusters. 

Discover the transformative power of our Complexity Approach Bundle, a pivotal tool designed for speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and educators working with children experiencing phonological disorders. This meticulously crafted bundle is grounded in the complexity approach, a research-backed, evidence-based intervention strategy developed by Gierut in 2001. By prioritizing the treatment of later-developing, complex sounds and clusters for remediation, this innovative approach aims to effect a broad and efficient impact on children's speech systems, surpassing traditional methods that address each sound error individually.

Deck 1: Specifically focuses on 2-element clusters with a sonority difference of 3, including /fl/, /sl/, /fɹ/, /ʃɹ/, and /θɹ/, ensuring a focused and challenging intervention.

Deck 2: Specifically focuses on 2-element cluster targets with a nuanced sonority difference of 4, including 9 target words per cluster, featuring complex targets in the initial word position such as /sw/, /bl/, /gl/, /bɹ/, /dɹ/, and /gɹ/.

Deck 3: Specifically focuses on mastering the intricacies of 3-element clusters in initial word positions such as /spɹ/, /stɹ/, /skɹ/, /skw/, and /spl/. With 11 target words per cluster

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