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/ɹ/ Inventory (by Kelly Farquharson and Carol Koch): Take an inventory across 7 Facilitative contexts, R clusters, Vocalic R, Dialect Phrases (rhotic and non-rhotic). This inventory is designed to be comprehensive and provide you with the opportunity to explore a variety of linguist contexts for /ɹ/. The inventory is presented in single word and also in phrases. The 14 dialect-sensitive phrases should be used when it is suspected that a child may speak a non-rhotic dialect of English such as those heard in Eastern America, Australia, the UK, South Africa, etc. 

Facilitative Contexts for /ɹ/ Therapy (by Kelly Farquharson and Carol Koch): Facilitative contexts refers to the structure of a word and the way in which that structure supports the correct production of a particular sound. Using a strategically selected word list can streamline therapy by making each targeted word an opportunity for correct practice. 89 cards with 149 targets and 7 different facilitative contexts (high front vowels, low front vowels, alveolars, high back vowels, low back vowels, velars, liquids). Supports a variety of tongue postures for correct production of /ɹ/. 

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